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Yeah, Robert is getting weird on me.

Like I was expressing my feelings of inadequacy, and he said that I take things too personally, and then I explained to him how pretty much all of my life, I've been told that I couldn't do it well enough, and that I basically have low self esteem, and he said that he had to go. Like he said I was getting crazy on him or whatever. That just upsets me. I have a lot going on in my world, and yes, some days I am a little unbalanced, but I'm not crazy by any means, and I think he's just being so weird to actually get off the phone with me. I don't understand guys. They are strange, I am cool. lol. :D But anywho, I broke my side mirror, so I spent half the morning bondoing it. It was crazy. Marleena is being a pain on my ass. But she's great. lol. :D Bt that's all for now. Laters ladies.