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Tears, Screams, Smiles and Giggles Make My Life Worth Living.

My Baby Daughter Marleena Denae Adair

Marleena's Mommy
13 May 1984
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A lil' info on me: As of last friday, I've filed for divorce. Happiness is temporary, life is long, love for a child is forever. Basically things didn't work out. He's a jerk and I'm a bitch. I'll update when it's all over.
A lil' more info. on our daughter:
She's a year old now. She's was born by way of c-section on February 25th, 2005 @ 9:05am at the Metropolitan Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, TX. She came out at 7lbs 6oz, 19 inches long, kicking and screaming with those gorgeous blue eyes. Her eyes are special because her daddy and I both have brown eyes. She's our special little booger. We had been pregnant before and miscarried. That was devstating to us, and we were worried we would miscarry with her too. But God loves and wants her to be here, and so she is. :D

Okay this is getting long....just read my LJ. lol :D NOW!


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