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I haven't been on here in a while.....

A lot of shtuff is going down in the world of Rachel. It's crazy, Robert left for Afghanistan, and I miss him terribly. He's crazy as hell. Lance is acting like a damn nut job, being all psycho on me. He thinks we're getting back together, which is a most likely not. But I want him to do better, and to start it off, it's the only way to get my divorce papers signed immediately. He's crazy. I want my papers signed like NOW! I have to call my lawyer and let them know what's going on. But yeah.....Marleena is now putting 2 words together, like Bye Buddy. She says it like all the time. I hate this. Just money is so tight right now. Not because I don't make it, but because I'm trying to help save along with my family to save our house. It's a trip. But anywho, Nina is taking a nap, so I've broken last year's new year's resolution. I didn't make one this year, because I'm taking control of me, and that's all there is to it. I had a dream about Joe Joe last night,that was sexy. lol:)I adore Joe Joe. Just to get him one more time.......yummy. Anywho. Yeah, the thought of actually being back with Lance disgusts me. I dunno. It's just not appealing to be with any guy right now I guess. Maybe for sex, but that's it. As far as a relationship, I'm leaning towards chics. They're so much less drama. But don't get me wrong I love dick. I dunno. Guys just suck. :( But yeah, I'm outtie. Peace BITCHES!!!!!